Ice Cream Maker

This exercise develops lat strength for muscle-ups, pullovers and front levers.

Starting in a pullup or chin over bar position, press the bar away, leaning the shoulders back as the toes rise. It is critical to keep a tight hollow position, so that the hips to not pike while performaing the movement. If piking is happening regress the movement to the Gorilla Flatback.

Downdog toe touches

Start in a plank position with your shoulders stacked over the hands, the core tight and feet shoulder width apart. Pressing the hips back and up to downward dog reach one hand to touch the opposite foot, and return to plank before completing the second side. If the plank position is too challenging, remain in downward dog, alternating toe touches.

Plank front leans

Strengthen your core AND your lats at the same time! Starting in a plank from hands, tuck the tailbone under (tail between your legs) and press the ribs down (hollow body). Press the ground away, pulling the shoulder blades apart (protraction) while pulling them down your back (depression). Rolling onto the toes, lean the shoulders forward of your wrists without bending at the elbows or collapsing the shoulder blades together.

Hanging L-sit

Hanging from a bar (or rings) engage shoulders, and lift legs to at least 90 degrees. Squeezing the ankles together and keeping the legs straight, tighten your core, tuck tailbone under slightly and hold the position. When first working this position try to hold for 15 seconds. Once strength develops lengthen the amount of time.

Bird Dogs

Start in a tabletop position, kneeling on the floor with your hands under your shoulders. Reach your opposite arm and leg away from the centre of your body until they are straight. When bringing them back towards the body have the elbow and knee meet underneath you – this will involve rounding your back slightly. For maximum results, work one side for a number of reps before switching sides. Keep your core tight during the exercise to avoid straining your low back during the extension.