Aerial Circus Classes

Aerial Circus classes are a fun and challenging way to stay fit. Classes are offered at Toronto Circus Collective.

Classes are temporarily suspended due to restrictions to help stop the spread of Covid-19.  As soon as classes resume the schedule will be posted.


STATIC TRAPEZE – Static Trapeze is a great aerial apparatus for beginners and advanced aerialists alike. The bar can be hung at various heights depending on skill level, and tricks can be done below, on, or above the bar. Trapeze classes are offered at both Hercinia Arts Collective and Pursuit OCR.

AERIAL HOOP – Offered at Hercinia Arts Collective, this is a dynamic and lyrical apparatus.  Learn to spin, maneuver and partner, while developing strength and aerial awareness.

AERIAL SILKS – Offered at Hercinia Arts Collective, this aerial apparatus provides a challenge both physically and mentally. Students learn to climb, maneuver and create wraps around their body to perform a variety of positions and sequences.

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