Band Rows

Affix a light loop band to something that will not move. Put your hand inside the end of the band, so it crosses the back of your wrist like a bracelet. Hold both sides of the band in your hand. To begin the row, start by pulling your shoulder blades back (retraction) and down (depression). Start with the palm facing the ground, and as you pull the band towards your waist rotate your palm to the ceiling. Be sure to keep your shoulder blades retracted and depressed throughout the exercise. Repeat on both sides.

The double arm version of this exercise involves grabbing inside the band from the underneath with both hands. Shoulder blade position stays the same, but this time both arms pull, hands rotating to palms up once they reach the body.

Bird Dogs

Start in a tabletop position, kneeling on the floor with your hands under your shoulders. Reach your opposite arm and leg away from the centre of your body until they are straight. When bringing them back towards the body have the elbow and knee meet underneath you – this will involve rounding your back slightly. For maximum results, work one side for a number of reps before switching sides. Keep your core tight during the exercise to avoid straining your low back during the extension.

Prone internal/external shoulder rotations

Lying on your stomach with your forehead resting on the mat bring your arms out the side. Reach one arm upward and one downward like you are trying to touch your hands behind your back. From this starting position, lift your elbows as high off the ground as you can. Then straighten both arms (one overhead and one towards your feet) passing them out to the side of your body to switch positions. Throughout this exercise strive to elevate your elbows off the floor.