Hanging L-sit

Hanging from a bar (or rings) engage shoulders, and lift legs to at least 90 degrees. Squeezing the ankles together and keeping the legs straight, tighten your core, tuck tailbone under slightly and hold the position. When first working this position try to hold for 15 seconds. Once strength develops lengthen the amount of time.

Bird Dogs

Start in a tabletop position, kneeling on the floor with your hands under your shoulders. Reach your opposite arm and leg away from the centre of your body until they are straight. When bringing them back towards the body have the elbow and knee meet underneath you – this will involve rounding your back slightly. For maximum results, work one side for a number of reps before switching sides. Keep your core tight during the exercise to avoid straining your low back during the extension.

Hollow Body Rockers

Lying on your back (supine) tuck your tailbone, squeezing your legs and glutes tightly. Lift your shoulder blades off the ground by pressing your ribs down and engaging your upper abs. Holding this dish shape, begin to rock front and back. Think of initiating the rock upwards with the legs by pulling the pelvis off the ground, then the upper body rock by pushing the chest forward.

Plow to Candle

Starting lying flat on your back, put your hands at your side, palms down on the floor. Lifting both legs together bring them as far overhead as you can. This is the plow position – hold for a second to increase your pike flexilibility. Then send your feet up towards the ceiling, squeezing your glutes and core to stabilize. Bend your knees tight into your chest and roll down slowly trying to keep your back on the ground as you return to your starting position.