Serving Tea – rotator cuff warmup

Balancing a yoga block on the fingers of one hand, like you were holding a serving tray, rotate your hand so your thumb starts to come closer to your body. Extend your arm upwards and out to the side of your body while continuing to internally rotate from the shoulder. Once your arm is straight you will rotate from the elbow to bring your hand and the block between your upper arm and body to return it to its starting position.

Rotator Cuff swings

Standing, bring your right palm to your left cheek. Keeping your fingers facing the ceiling, bring your hand across your face to your right ear, continue around the back of your head. Once your hand is behind your head, fingers still facing up, extend your arm straight overhead and then drop it out to the right side with your palm facing down. If you continue to bend your elbow once your arm is extended you can bring it back to your starting position at your left cheek to continue. Ultimate goal is to make this one fluid movement with no stops.