Frog Stretch with spinal twist

Knees out to the side in frog position, elevate one knee onto a yoga block. Keep hips in line with the knees. If your right leg is elevated you will place your left hand on the floor about a foot in front of you keeping the arm straight – then dive the right arm under your body toward your left side, resting your right shoulder on the ground at the midline of your body. To increase the spinal stretch you can then elevate your top arm (in this case the left one) toward the sky.

“Captain Morgan” stretch series

Kneeling on one knee, have your second leg turned out at 90 degrees, resembling the “Captain Morgan” stance, but kneeling 🙂 The arm on the side of the kneeling leg should be in front of the knee approximately 6 – 10 inches palm on the ground. With the arm of the standing leg, press the palm on the inside of the knee and then straighten both arms.

Stretch one: Pressing the palm into the standing knee, twist that shoulder down towards the kneeling knee. Press into the twist and release 10 times.

Stretch Two: Keeping the hands and legs the same, simply walk the standing foot a bit further away from your body. Then lunge into the standing leg, while pressing that knee back (externally rotating it further).